Our Story

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How It Started

Yummy Sweets & Soda Shoppe was a long-time dream for the Burt family. Matt worked in many restaurants over the years, but he had always wanted to open one of his own. In 1994, he married the love of his life Machelle and together, they had 3 boys in 1996, 1998 and 2000. For 17 years, Matt worked for Southwest Airlines and in 2012, he unfortunately suffered a back injury on the job. Little did he know this would be the first step on his journey to something greater!

Matt eventually had surgery to help his back issues, and during that time on disability, he decided to finally chase his dream: opening his own restaurant. The idea evolved over time, and with the help of his youngest son Adam, he brainstormed different ideas of what their restaurant could be.

The Journey

After lots of market research and chats with their friends & family, Matt and his son Adam finally decided on a business idea: a food truck that sells customizable sodas and cotton candy. Throughout 2019, Matt and Adam worked hard on this business idea and purchased a food trailer to get started. The trailer they purchased was already branded as "Bubbles" by the previous owners, so Matt was inspired to name their business "Yummy Bubbles".

January of 2020 changed the game for Matt. He found a storefront that would be perfect for their business. He quickly got it and began working on stocking the shelves with the Yummy Bubbles sweets and sodas. This storefront was originally a popcorn store, and Matt loved the idea of staying true to that theme with his own business. With the gourmet popcorn and sweet treats they were now offering, "Yummy Bubbles" no longer seemed to explain the brand very well. So in 2020, they rebranded as "Yummy Sweets & Soda Shoppe" and opened their storefront on March 2, 2020.

Come by our storefront in Harrisville to meet the Burt family or shop our selection of gourmet popcorn and sweets online!

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