Family-Owned Sweets Brand with A Personal Touch

We are Yummy Sweets & Soda Shoppe, a family-run popcorn and treats shop based in Harrisville, Utah. As the gourmet popcorn experts, we help retailers get more loyal customers and grow by providing a variety of personalized treats, one-of-a-kind popcorn and unforgettable flavors to offer in their stores.

Personalized Popcorn

that will impress your customers!

What We Offer

As part of our wholesale offerings, we can provide:

  • Dozens of delicious & unique popcorn flavors

  • 1/4 gallon bags of sweet candied popcorn

  • 1/2 gallon bags of savory seasoned popcorn

  • Personalized labels to match your brand's logo & name

  • A UPC code and nutrition information on each bag


Why Choose Us

Our personalized sweets will impress your customers and inspire customer loyalty, which will help your business grow faster. Grow your product line and offer more variety to your customers, without increasing labor or equipment costs.

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